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The “Holy Trinity”
Of EV Battery Dominance

How Surge Battery Metals, Inc. Cracked the Code on Sustainable Power and
Soared 1,408% in less than Six Months …

Our evolution to an electric- and battery-powered future is no longer an “if” situation—but a question of when.

On the surface it appears that politics and consumer choice will drive EV adoption. Yet nothing will happen without massive amounts of raw materials.

Lithium batteries are the backbone of this EV revolution. And that means the mining and production of a few key minerals could determine the future of up to 35% of the cars sold worldwide (a $40 Trillion potential market).19

Surge Battery Metals, Inc. (TSXV: NILI, OTC:NILIF) is a key player at this crossroads to the future, with an ESG-mandate, key interests in the “Holy Trinity” of EV minerals (lithium, copper and nickel), and North America’s hottest markets right on their doorstep.

Their market capitalization soared 1,408% in less than six months of 202120, and the move may just be getting started …

Let’s Get Up to Speed on This Intriguing EV Metals Company

Surge focuses on copper, lithium, and nickel exploration projects. These three essential metals for the EV industry have seen their value skyrocket over the last 5 years and could very well see demand accelerate into 2030. 817b

Surge Battery Metals Canada TSXV: (NILI) U.S. OTC: (NILIF) Is Shining Technically

Since bottoming out around $0.06 around Dec. 21, 2020, shares of NILI soared as much as 375% and peaked at about $0.285 on Apr. 20, 2021. While since then, it’s pulled back to around $0.215 as of Aug. 17, 2021, it may be amid an early-stage uptrend, as it’s risen nearly 7.5% since Aug. 4, 2021. c2 In addition, as of August 17, 2021, the stock is also displaying several bullish indicators, including its 20 – 100 Day MACD Oscillator, 20 – 200 Day MACD Oscillator, 50 – 100 Day MACD Oscillator, 50 – 150 Day MACD Oscillator, 50 – 200 Day MACD Oscillator, 150 Day Moving Average, 200 Day Moving Average, and 100 – 200 Day MACD Oscillator.(11) 817d This may only be the start. With demand for EVs and the battery metals powering them only increasing by the day, the stock could easily see higher highs. Beyond that, Surge Battery Metals is an ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance)-mandated company fully committed to creating a cleaner world & transportation.(16&17) Outside of being a pure-play on battery metals, do you have any idea how quickly ESG-mandated assets are forecast to grow by 2025? These ESG-mandated assets are projected to grow almost 3x as fast as non-ESG-mandated assets to hit 50% by 2025.(16&17) On the fundamental side, as of August 17, 2021, Surge Battery Metals was fully funded with $4.3M CAD in treasury and $1.3M additional expected from warrants.(1) It’s also expected to be fully funded for its 2021 exploration corporate plans.(1) Not to mention, the company has also seen its market cap explode from 787.33k on Jun. 30, 2020, to 11.88M as of Aug. 17, 2021.(12) If a potential growth rate of 1408.9% in the span of 14-months does not make your jaw drop, then wake up and smell the clean energy.

Why Surge Battery Metals Canada TSXV: (NILI) U.S. OTC: (NILIF) Looks More Strongly Positioned Than Others

EV companies are the easiest and most mindless way to get involved in the future of clean mobility and transportation. And yes, there are other battery metal players out there. But none of them are Surge Battery Metals Inc., and here’s why.

Surge Battery Metals Inc. is a Canada-based mineral exploration company focused on exploring battery metals required for the EV market- both for near-term and long-term demand.

It also has tailor-made its operations to create shareholder value by developing copper and nickel projects in British Columbia (BC) and developing a lithium project in Nevada. Surge targets battery metals that have rapid demand growth forecasts and are positioned to outperform in the market.

Together, copper, nickel, and lithium are the backbone of leading-edge battery technologies. These metals represent the best opportunities to create secure, domestic supply solutions for North American automakers and battery manufacturers.

Here’s the x-factor, though. As we mentioned before, Surge Battery Metals is an ESG-mandated company. Remember- ESG-mandated assets are projected to grow almost 3x as fast as non-ESG-mandated assets to hit 50% by 2025.(16&17)


More On Surge Battery Metals Canada TSXV: (NILI) U.S. OTC: (NILIF) and Its Game-Changing Projects

Region 1: British Columbia

British Columbia has the world’s largest concentration of exploration companies and mining professionals for excellent reasons. It was ranked 3rd best mining region globally by The Mining Journal (2017),(1) after all.

British Columbia boasts the following:(1)

    • Mining-Friendly Regulations
    • Stable Political Environment
    • Carbon Neutral Hydro Electricity
    • Eco-Friendly Rail Lines close to most mining districts
    • Respect For Indigenous People
    • Harmonious working relationship with & largest private-sector employer of Indigenous people in Canada

In British Columbia, Surge boasts the Caledonia Copper Project and the Hard Nickel & Nickel 100 Projects.

Caledonia Copper Project

The Caledonia Copper Project is adjacent to a Freeport-McMoRan JV partnership. It is 7 km (4.4 mi) from BHP’s past producing Island Copper Mine, formerly Canada’s third-largest copper producer (extracted 345 million metric tonnes @ 0.41% copper).(1)

Metallurgical testing also indicates flotation with high recovery rates for Copper and Silver.(1)

With a detailed exploration program in the works, here are more details on the property:(18)

Location: Northern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Region: Nanaimo Mining District
Claims: 7 mineral claims in 1 group
Total Area: 1,741 hectares (4,302 acres)
Interest: 100%
Royalties: 2% NSR
Geology: Lies within a 50-km-long (31-mi-long) copper belt northwest of the Island Copper Mine

Transportation: Airport at nearby Port Hardy, a major distribution center.


  • Good access by a network of logging roads.
  • A power line connecting one of BC’s largest wind farms to the primary power grid passes immediately north of the project.
  • Marine load out structure & hydropower line 7 km (4.4 mi) to southeast at reclaimed Island Copper.

Property History:

  • 0.9 tons ore shipped in 1929 grading 514.2 g/t Silver & 7.3% Copper. (18)
  • Chip sample in 1926 across 1.8m assayed trace gold, 418.2 g/t Silver & 2.0% Copper. (18)
  • Historical estimate by Cominco: possible reserves of 68,000 tonnes grading 0.34 g/mt Gold. (18)
  • 704.2 g/mt Silver & 6.1% Copper. (18)
  • Trenching samples in 2007 returned values including 581.7 g/mt Silver (16.97 oz/t) & 4.42% Copper. (18)

Nickel Project- Hard Nickel and Nickel 100

The Hard Nickel Group’s exploration targets are bordering or close to FPX Nickel Corp.’s Decar Project. Here, the potentially carbon-neutral Baptiste deposit has recently been confirmed as one of the world’s most robust large-scale nickel projects.(1)

The Nickel 100 Group has confirmed high nickel, cobalt, and chromium values in rocks and stream sediments and a documented presence of awaruite.(1)

The proposed work program for 2021 includes prospecting, geological mapping, rock, and soil sampling, trenching & diamond drill program. An exploration program was also awarded to Hardline Exploration on Apr. 26, 2021.(1)

Here’s what to know:(1)

Location: Central BC, Canada
Claims: 7 claim blocks in 1 group [Hard Nickel] & 5 claim blocks in 1 group [Nickel 100]
Total Area: 6,900.82 hectares (~17,052 acres) [Hard Nickel] & 8,659.88 hectares (~21,399 acres) [Nickel 100]
JV Interest: Option to earn 80% (with 20% held by Nickel Rock Resources)
Royalties: 2% NSR
Geology: The Hard Nickel Group claims are partially underlain by rocks like those hosting the Decar Project, in which FPX has invested ~$25M to explore & develop to date

Nearby Center: ~100-130 km (~62-81 miles) NW of Fort St. James


  • Good access by paved and gravel roads & helicopter
  • Hydroelectric power lines cross the region
  • Inactive CNR rail line a short distance to the east [Hard Nickel] & BC Rail line ~12 km to south [Nickel 100]

Property History – Hard Nickel Group:

  • Nickel Rock Resources prepared & filed NI 43-101 Technical Report (Jan. 21, 2021)
  • Metallic mineralization includes nickel, cobalt, and chromium.
  • Some nickel mineralization occurs as awaruite, a naturally occurring nickel-iron alloy first discovered in the area in 1983.
    • Awaruite is essential in manufacturing environmentally-friendly EV batteries.
  • Reports of exploration on and around the property are available dating back to 1974.


Region 2: Nevada

The world-class mining region of Nevada is home to America’s only current lithium production and one of the country’s largest lithium deposits while being ideally positioned to supply domestic and Asian markets.(1)

According to the Fraser Report (2019), Nevada is the third-ranked mining jurisdiction in the world.(1)

Maybe some of these characteristics will explain why it’s ranked so high:(1)

  • Mining-Friendly Regulations
  • Stable Political Environment
  • Producing Lithium Since 1966
  • Eco-Friendly Rail Lines
    • 1,770+ km (1,100+ miles)
  • Effective and Successful Reclamation
    • Strong ethic toward restoring mined land to a natural or economically usable state.
  • Local Demand Scaling Up
    • Tesla’s production target is 20M cars by 2030

Northern Nevada Lithium Project

The Northern Nevada Lithium Project’s target is a lithium clay deposit and Surge Battery Metals very early-stage lithium project.

Surge plans to strategically expand its land position through an additional staking program targeting known sedimentary horizons with the potential for lithium-bearing clay deposits.

For now, exploration plans include a grid soil survey & geologic mapping to identify favorable horizons for drill testing and geologic & exploration work to identify source beds of anomalous sediments.

Here are some other facts and figures you might want to familiarize yourself with on the project:(1)

Location: Elko County, Nevada, USA
Region: Granite Range
Claims: 38 mineral claims in 1 group
Interest: 100%
Royalties: 1% NSR
Geology: Mapping has identified regional rocks as being of similar age & composition as the McDermitt Tuff. The McDermitt Tuff hosts Lithium America’s Thacker Pass lithium deposit, one of America’s largest.

Transportation: Property access by ~32 km (~20 mi) of county-maintained gravel roads & ~5 km (~3 mi) of local roads.

Infrastructure: Major power line ~13 km (~8 mi) to the east.

Property History:

  • The immediate project area has not been the subject of modern detailed geologic mapping or age dating.
  • Limited stream sediment and rock chip sampling accomplished to date show strong initial lithium readings.
  • Sediment samples include 1,980 ppm and 1,540 ppm lithium.
  • Rock chip samples include up to 367 ppm lithium though not being collected in the anomalous drainages.

San Emidio Lithium Project

The San Emidio Lithium Project’s geologic setting, combined with the presence of lithium in both active geothermal fluids and surface salts within the San Emidio Property, mat.ch characteristics of lithium brine and clay deposits at Clayton Valley, Nevada – home to America’s only current lithium production – and in South America

Here are some other facts and figures you might want to familiarize yourself with on the project:

Location: ~60 miles (~97 km) NE of Reno, Nevada, USA, the site of Tesla’s Lithium-ion battery “Gigafactory”

Region: San Emidio Desert
Claims: 35 mineral claims (31 staked & being formally recorded )
Total Area: ~1, 133 hectares (2,800 acres)
Interest: Option to earn undivided 80% interest (with 20% held by Lithium Corporation)


Reconnaissance sediment sampling in 2010 indicated this geothermal active valley and the associated playa could possibly be prospective for economic lithium-in-brine mineralization
Lithium-in-brine anomaly is roughly 1.5 miles long by 0.5 miles wide and presently still open-ended.

Property History:

Geothermal fluids adjoining the claims are knows to contain anomalous lithium values
Recently completed surface silt sampling program has confirmed lithium values in the area
Lithium in brine and clay potential of the playa has yet to be specifically studied.

Exploration Plans:

Recent exploration results are highly encouraging and warrant a detailed exploration drilling for a Clayton Valley type brine and clay deposit.

Surge Battery Metals Canada TSXV: (NILI) U.S. OTC: (NILIF) Team Has Years of Experience

When evaluating the potential for any resource exploration profile, it’s essential to examine the quality of the company’s management.

Greg Reimer
President & CEO
Mr. Reimer is the former Executive Vice-President (EVP) of BC Hydro’s Transmission & Distribution (T&D) business group. He held the EVP position from June 2010 until 2017, leaving BC Hydro to pursue work in the green energy field. Greg brings a wealth of operational experience and strong leadership from over 26 years in the public sector with his senior executive capacity. At BC Hydro, Greg oversaw approximately 2,300 employees who planned, designed, built, operated, and maintained the systems and assets needed to deliver electricity safely and reliably to BC Hydro’s four million customers. In addition, Greg was accountable for $580M in annual capital investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure and $325M in annual operating and maintenance expenditures. Greg also led a major strategic, multi-year transformation of BC Hydro’s T&D organization. There, he increased operational efficiency, improved safety performance, and built a more reliable, modern electricity grid to meet growing customer expectations. BC Hydro is Canada’s third-largest electric utility company with over $5.7 billion in annual revenues and 32 hydroelectric facilities.

Gordon Jung
Gordon has over 35 years of experience in business operations, including retail, merchandising, marketing, and product development for the Overwaitea Food Group, a major food chain in western Canada. His resume includes positions as a regional manager for 10 retail stores, the director of marketing for the Save-On loyalty card program with over 2 million cardholders, and senior category development manager credited with achieving double-digit growth putting together isle international foods around the world. He specializes in strategic planning, developing new opportunities, driving revenues, improving competitive market position, procurement, and product marketing.

Robert Culbert
Bob is a professional engineer with over three decades of international project and business experience, predominantly in West Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. He was president of a Vancouver-based land resource and environmental consulting company and an interior BC ski resort. He was also a partner in acquiring and syndicating an extensive residential real estate portfolio in western Canada. Over the past decade, he has served as an officer and director of several junior resource exploration and development companies. Bob is also a director of Carlin Gold Corporation.

Tina Whyte
Corporate Secretary
Tina Whyte brings over 20 years of experience in the corporate and securities industry. Her expertise spans to areas of corporate governance, continuous disclosure, financing transactions, regulatory filings, and compliance. In addition, Ms. Whyte holds corporate secretary positions with other publicly listed companies.

Konstantin Lichtenwald
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Lichtenwald is a co-founder of Zeus Capital Ltd. Mr. Lichtenwald specializes in providing corporate finance, valuation, taxation, financial reporting, consulting, and other accounting services to small businesses and public commodity resource companies. He also assists in many aspects of clients’ administration, financing, and other activities. Mr. Lichtenwald also worked at Ernst & Young GmbH, Germany, in the assurance department. He earned his bachelor of business administration from Pforzheim University, Germany, and holds a chartered professional accountant (CPA, CGA) designation. He is also a member of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia and Canada.

Bill Macdonald
Bill is a founder and principal of Macdonald Tuskey, Corporate and Securities Lawyers, a boutique securities and corporate finance firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia, established in April 2008. Before that, from February 1998 to April 2008, he was a partner with Clark Wilson LLP and a member of the firm’s Corporate Finance / Securities Practice Group. Since May 2008, Bill has been a director of Blackbird Energy Inc., an oil and gas exploration company listed on the Exchange, and was also the President of Blackbird from May 2008 until February 2013. He currently serves as a director of Viscount Mining Corp. He has held this position since October 2011. He has also been a director of Patriot Petroleum Corp. since December 2015 and a director and founder of Black Lion Capital Corp. since its inception on January 20, 2015. Bill was also previously a director at First Americas Gold Corporation, formerly Pannonia Ventures Corp. and Benz Capital Corp.
Bill has been a member of the Law Society of British Columbia since February 1998 and a member of the New York State Bar since February 2002. His general corporate and securities practice has been focused on Canadian, U.S., Asian and cross-border public offerings, private and institutional financings (including U.S. private investment in public equity, or PIPE transactions), stock exchange listings, reverse takeovers and mergers and acquisitions.

Bill Morton
Bill has an impressive 40+ years in mining and geoscience and nearly 20 years in a senior management position for public resource companies. He has been involved with several major metal exploration projects across Canada, the USA, and in Mexico. Bill is a member of APEGBC, and holds or has held director positions for Eastfield Resources Ltd., Lorrain Copper Corp., Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd., and Consolidated Woodjam Copper Corp. Bill has his B.Sc. from Carleton University, and completed his graduate studies from UBC.

Chip Richardson
Strategic Advisor
Chip Richardson is a life-long banker and currently has the role of Assistant Vice President, Investments for Wedbush Securities in Lake Oswego, Oregon, a suburb of nearby Portland, Oregon. From the age of fourteen, Chip began investing in the stock market, and it soon became clear that he was destined for a career in Finance. Upon graduating Oregon State University (B.Sc. Economics), Chip was first hired by Dean Witter Securities, now Morgan Stanley, as a Financial Advisor. After Dean Witter, Chip worked at Paine Webber, now UBS, before joining Wedbush in 1999.

Ali H. Alizadeh
Geological Advisor
Senior geologist with extensive experience in exploration and project management. Responsible for a number of Uranium, Gold and Base Metal exploration projects during his career.

Alan Morris
Geological Advisor
Certified Professional Geologist with 37+ years in the minerals industry. Experience with lithium brine deposits in Nevada. Owner of Ruby Mountain GIS (property evaluations and acquisitions).

Jacques Houle
Geological Advisor
42 years of experience in the exploration and mining industry, including 13 years at management level, 5 years U/G mine geology, 3 years with government, and 17 years as an independent consultant and QP.

Why Surge Battery Metals Canada TSXV: (NILI) U.S. OTC: (NILIF) Could Be Top Potential EV Play

  1. The EV market could grow even faster than anyone imagined. By 2040, it could increase by 60x, and by 2050, it could be a staggering $46 trillion industry.(1)

  2. It’s battery explorers like Surge Battery Metals Canada TSXV: (NILI) U.S. OTC: (NILIF) that could benefit the most. The low carbon world needs roughly $1.7 trillion in mining investments, according to Mining.com.(1) By 2030, EV battery demand could increase by 15X,(1) while demand for battery metals could also skyrocket 500% by 2050.(8)

  3. Surge Battery Metals Canada TSXV: (NILI) U.S. OTC: (NILIF) could be tailor-made for this movement. It explicitly targets copper, nickel, and lithium in world-class mining regions (BC and Nevada). These are battery metals that have rapid demand growth forecasts and are positioned to outperform in the market.(1)

  4. Surge is also an ESG-mandated company fully committed to creating a cleaner world and cleaner transportation. ESG-mandated assets are projected to grow almost 3x as fast as non-ESG-mandated assets to hit 50% by 2025.(16&17)

  5. With three battery metal projects in various stages, Surge is fully funded for its 2021 exploration targets.(1) It has seen its stock soar as much as 375% between Dec. 21, 2020 and Apr. 20, 2021,(1) and its market cap between Jun. 30, 2020, and Aug. 17, 2021, has also potentially skyrocketed by 1408.9%.(12)

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